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Customer Support Agents - Available Today

Customer Service Agents: Welcome

Benefits of Inbound Support

Happy customers are the lifeblood of every growing business. Dramatically improve your customer experience with our superior Customer Service Agents, available now. Create long-term repeat customers and hyper-boost your business reputation.

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More Customers, More Customers, More Customers

Upsell Your Products and Services

Dramatically Improve Your Customer Experience and Ratings

Customer Service Agents: In the News

Power Start - We do all of the heavy lifting.

  • Consultation

  • CRM and Full Set-Up Optional $750 (CRM cost is additional)

    • Freelancer Training and Management

    • Custom Call Script

    • Custom Email Scripts

  • CRM Notes

  • Weekly Follow Up

  • Part time and full time available

Premier- Freelancer Only

  • Customer Support Consultation

  • Lite Management Support

  • Full-time and part-time available

Flat Rate

  • Consultation

  • Research and Evaluation

  • Full Set Up (CRM cost is additional)

  • Freelancer Training and Management

  • Custom Call Script

  • Custom Email Scripts

  • 525 Leads per Week

  • 3 Contact Attempts per lead

  • Intro Email and Follow Up

  • CRM Notes

  • Weekly Report

$35 hourly (10 hr minimum) 

(Set-up and management not included) 

$45 hourly - (Set-up and management included) 

(Business Contacts Available)

$300 for 400  w/out email 
$500 for 500 w/ email 
More contacts available upon request.

Customer Service Agents: List
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